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Gil Perez teleportation case of the mysterious

Gil Perez teleportation case of the mysterious

 Until recently, teleportation may be only a part of science fiction films, although many stories that confirm the possibility of this phenomenon. Below is a short story about a case the possibility of teleportation is happening in the Middle Ages. 

On the morning of October 24, 1593, The guards in Mexico found a man who wandered in confusion Plaza Mayor in Mexico City. What is confusing from this man, he wore the uniform of soldiers Filipinos within 9000 nautical miles from mexico 
The man named Gil Perez and he did not know how she got in that place.Some people who read this story assumes that in a way, Gil Perez teleportation has experienced so they can appear mysteriously in Mexico. 

Other historians doubt the accuracy of this story and consider it a hoax or an urban legend is very old. Historian Mike Dash for example, consider this story can not be trusted because the record about it emerged in the 17th century, about a century after the emergence of Perez in Mexico.But, it seems, is quite interesting to listen to the experience of Gil Perez. Problem believe it or not, I leave to each reader.

As I mentioned above, Gil Perez suddenly appeared in the Plaza Mayor in Mexico City on October 24, 1593. It was Perez Palacio del Gobernador in uniform, soldiers guard the governor's palace in Filipinos.At that Filipinos were under Spanish rule, and Perez is a Spanish soldier stationed in the region. 

The mysterious is how Perez could be in place.According to him, he did not understand how he could appear in that place. When asked by the guards who found him, Perez replied: 

"My name is Gil Perez. Problem is why I am standing here is because I'm running the command given to me. This morning, I was ordered to keep watch at the door of the governor's palace in Manila. But, I know exactly if this place is not the governor's mansion and it seems I'm not in Manila. I do not know why and how I could be here. " 

According to him, when he was on duty at the palace of the governor in Filipinos. Then, he felt dizzy and almost fainted. Then, he leaned against the wall and closed his eyes for a moment.When he opened his eyes again, the whole scene in front of him has changed.Now he was in Mexico City. 

Perez admitted that he did not understand why he could change places.He also recalled that the night before she appeared in Mexico, Filipinos governor, Gomez Perez Dasmarinas, had been murdered by Chinese pirates in the Moluccas. 

When told that he was in Mexico, Perez refused to believe that on 23 October, he was still in Manila and get orders for duty. Therefore, it is impossible he could be in a place very far away in one day.Mexico authorities are aware of this strange event Perez immediately put into jail because it was considered as deserters and practicing devil worship. 

Perez rejected the notion that he is a devil worshiper. He said he had migrated from Filipinos to Mexico in a way that can not be understood. Because it does not get any errors on him, Perez left in jail for two months.Until then, no one to trust Perez to a Spanish merchant ship arrived in Mexico two months after Perez was jailed.Merchant ships came from Manila and brought the shocking news. 

The news was confirmed facts given by Gil Perez about killing the governor of Filipinos by Chinese pirates on October 23, 1593, the night before Perez appeared in the Plaza Mayor.How Gil Perez could know this fact? 

If he was found on October 24, then, it was impossible he could know this information because a message takes many months to arrive at their destination on time.Not only that, the ship was even brought a witness who swore that he saw Perez was in Manila on 23 October 1593. 

Hearing this, the authorities in Mexico to immediately release and return it to the Filipinos Perez where he again was assigned as a soldier guards the governor's palace.Although the story is difficult to be confirmed, but a note of the existing Perez in the 17th century is quite interesting because in those days, the idea of ​​teleportation has not been known at all. And Perez's case eventually became one of the many cases of mysterious medieval unresolved


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